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Learn Cinematography

Aim of Course

Cinematography is the art and technique of camera and lighting in the making of a motion picture film. It involves technical concerns such as camera, lens, format, and lighting instruments just to name a few, as well as various methods related to composition and subject modelling in order to tell the story.

Students will learn - Distance education and Residencial** 

Role of the cinematographer
Screen clips
Film Composition
Framing Frame
Size terminology
Lens Choice
F Stop/Shutter/ISO
Depth of field
Lighting for emotional Scene
Grip equipment,

Shooting & Continuity rules Coverage/covering a Scene

180 Degree rule

Blocking a scene

Camera Techniques - Module  2

Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography Theory

Digital Post-production

Film and Digital Laboratory

Final color correction process

Final Project

**- residencial Course content includes production of short film of 20 Min.  as final project in Studio premises

Pricing - 200 US $ for Module 1 & 2

Residential Practical film Making course with basic editing  - 12 Weeks duration ( 1200 US $) includes Basic Final Cut pro  and cinematography module 1 & 2 


Learn Basic Final Cut Pro



With great new features and an intuitive design, Final Cut Pro accelerates post-production. So editors can create and deliver at the speed of thought.


Learn how to build and refine your story with the redesigned editing tool set in Final Cut Pro X. In this course, author Ashley Kennedy focuses on getting you comfortable with each aspect of the editing process in Final Cut—from preparation and organization, to editing and refining, to audio and effects, to media management and exporting. Each stage of the post-production workflow is explained thoroughly and concisely, and uses real-world examples from both narrative and documentary workflows.



Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Import and organize Media.
  • Work with audio editing and multi cam footage.
  • Experiment with the world of effects
  • Cover diverse tasks such as key framing, tilting, filters, and compositing
  • Apply a variety of techniques for scene balancing, and color correction of clips
  • Arrange your projects better and enhance your competence with this advanced software for Mac.


Learn Basic Final Cut Pro

Only US $ 200 

Cinematography Module 1&2

US $ 200

Final Cut Pro & Cineatography

US $ 1200

Residential Practical film Making course with basic editing  - 12 Weeks duration ( 1200 US $) includes Basic Final Cut pro  and cinematography module 1 & 2 

Course will commence in the  months of Oct , Feb, May , august at  Noida, and Indore & Bhopal

Synopsis of Flm - Basic outline

What is a Synopsis of a Film or Short Stroy?

How to Write it?

what is a synopsis and why write one?

Professionals in the film industry – those intrigued by your concept, won't always ask to read your script. Why?


A synopsis is really nothing more than a short description of your screenplay. The typical synopsis consists of a plot summary of the screenplay on one side of a sheet of paper and usually contains no more than 400 words. It highlights your main characters and what they go through during your story. A good synopsis will focus a lot of attention to conflict and resolution. Many synopses are written after completion of the screenplay but it's often a good idea to write out a synopsis before you even begin with FADE IN on your screenplay especially if you're trying to sell an idea to a producer ahead of time. A good synopsis a very good tool to help writers develop an idea for a screenplay and eventual movie.


basic outline is given in course 


 Detailed synopsis writing course is through webinar


You can enquire about it on our website.


Learn the Basics of Script

course content

Learn the Basics of Video Editing - 8000 Rs Only/ 100 $